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Experience. Was terrible, forced device I. My ear and bled for a week, could not wear hearing aid, dropped on floor and tried to force the device back in ear, the tech became very irate do and threw his hands on desk, said that he could not please me, lost 300.00 because of this. This location for belt one needs to be reported. Helen Green. I have doctors report showing my ear that was treated... Read more

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I've had my aids for 1 1/2 yrs. at a cost of $5,000. A week ago the tube in the right aid failed and I was charged $150. for the replacement. I thought I was buying the top line in aids and now I'm thinking I should have looked elsewhere. I am thinking that the cost of this failure should have been absorbed by Beltone - if for any reason good public relations. I'm concerned about what is going... Read more

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I had much the same experience of many others after my initial deposit of $500. I made it explicitly clear I did not want to be involved in their Care/Synchrony Bank credit service due to my limited monthly income and stated if the aids were satisfactory I would pay the $3,000 balance at the end of six months. It was stated in the contract that if they were not satisfactory, no restocking fee... Read more

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I had my hearing aids cleaned then in a day I couldn't hear with it. The gentleman told me it got week and it would cost me x amount of money to repair and if I waited any longer it would cost more. Please advise on what to do. live on a fixed income and can't keep paying all these high bills. I would rather go to a different co. and get a cheaper one, I payed over 4000.00 dollars for the two I... Read more

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I've read, but don't believe 90% of the comments on here, I've worn Hearing aids since 1974, I've worn Starkeys, Nu-Ears, Audinas, Kirkland,Electones, Phonaks, and BELTONE. While they all helped me, and many good (and a few Bad) techs or Audiologists....Beltones always lasted longer, and the dealers gave better service, than any of the other brands...even when I went to another office, from the... Read more

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I've read different thoughts (not good) on Beltone. Granted I don't have much experience with HA's but the service I've had since 2012 has been outstanding. On my last visit to the office I voiced some concern about difficulty hearing and we discussed custom ear molds. I was told I get them free and to try them. So far they are working out excellent. As of a week ago I started having problems... Read more

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I have had extremely good luck with my Beltone hearing aids. I've had them almost 3 years!! Whenever I have an issue I go to the Camillus office and they are very accomodating!! Add comment

This company (Beltone) has continually been a "thorn in my side" for as long as I can remember! The person who is there now seems to be qualified (and I have NO complaint with her), but the person who "suggested the devices now was NOT qualified. He was a person (Richard) looking for a "new profession" and just happened on Beltone!! Little did I know he was not qualified to suggest hearing... Read more

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I bought a pair of Belltone hearing aids for around $5,000 in 2010 and have nothing but problems with them. Some of the trouble may have been my fault as they got wet once in awhile when I was outside working. I did send one back for repair for $450, but when it came back it was only a little better. The Belltone representative didn't seem to mind my problems and did little to offer what else... Read more

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My mother in law is in hospice and before she became bed ridden she tryed to get them to fix her hearing aid but he kept telling her nothing was wrong by doing this he was able to run her warranty out now they want. 450.00 to fix it.She paid over 4,000 for both you would think that was enough but no way and now we do not know how long she will be with us she has bone cancer and we had to go buy... Read more

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